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by Helms Alee

Interachnid 03:25
Pushing through rocks like roots Blending fruit brown and blue You can’t stop what you can’t move We will untame nature Angles force what we make up as fate When open hands serve to hide your face We're marked for left in the dust and breeze Dirt swallows dreams but you know worse things happen at sea Gifted true howling moon Lifted mood, skirt, and tune You can’t stop when you can’t lose We won’t shame our flavor Kiss the fools ‘god be with you’ Drip the drool. the crowning jewel. You can’t stop where you can’t rule. We’ll be our own savior.
Beat Up 03:05
Oh no did you stray Brought way down here from the softness where you lay Most can’t go back but you can train face Dig in Shore up Strands Floating the weight On a cloud of groundless faith. Ain’t no bed to make, No laying in mistakes, When the mind is in this state. Holding for a pause Stocking for a stay Trolling for a placement in the clay made Strained From the same egg In Up Strands Blissed out in a maze. Feeling blindly, out of phase. Listen when the rains tell you to engage. Pull the wool And face your fate. small hate First second of eight cold First second of an eight like uni to the sea
Play Dead 03:57
Spider Jar 03:00
Inky black does fill the veins of giving thanks and please Tried to lie but lied at trying Tried to be the breeze I can’t even hear your face The noise floor rise to fill the space and not one worth a drink to in the trees Bolt hard Bolt into the sound Swear6 hard And ride them underground Canonize the ink that pours Celebrate the seed Cautious not to understand Promised to the dream Foreign feelings win the scraps Left to fester cursed to lapse A willingness to fray Is all you’ll ever need Bolt hard Bolt into the sound Swear hard And ride them underground Maxed out version of the taste Separate the runner from the race
Pandemic 03:13
Word Problem 03:01


released April 26, 2019


all rights reserved



Helms Alee Seattle, Washington


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